My litterz

Welcome to my litterz page. These are some of the petz that are currently available from my site. If you like the look of one of my cute puppies, email me at and i will send the puupy to you (don't forget to include your own email address) All of these dogz are puppies. Enjoy!

Biscuit (Male)

Biscuit photo

This is Biscuit. He is a third generation puppy. A cross between a labrodour and a jack russell

Doodle (Female)

Doodle photo

This is doodle she is also a third generation puppy who is a mix between a jack russell and a labrodor

Blossom (Female)

Blossom photo

This is blossom, she is a third generation puppy. A cross between a labrador and a jack russell

Family Tree

Ben photo

bindi photo

This is Ben the labrador and bindi the jack russell, they are the grandparents of this litter

Sammy photo

This is Sammy the labrador and snowie, the daughter of Bindi and Ben. They are this litterz parents.

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