Litterz Page 4

Welcome to page 4 of my litterz. This page is for the litterz that belong to my sister. To adopt any of these puppies, email me at or click on the link at the bottom of this page

Cookie (Male)

Cookie photo

This is Cookie, he is a cross between a flare buck, a cocker spaniel and a dalmation. To adopt Cookie you will need to download the cocker spaniel-parti and the flare buck breed files available here

Frostie (Male)

Frostie photo

This is Frostie, he is from the same litter as cookie but you will only need the cocker spaniel-parti breed file to adopt him. Available here

Santa (Male)

Santa photo

This is santa, he is from the same litter as cookie and you will need both breed files to adopt him. Available here

Family Tree

peach photo

coco pop photo

This peach the flare buck and coco pop the cocker spaniel pari, they are the grandparents of this litter.

watsit photo

spot photo

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